Kulturkajen Docken is the conference venue for NSHG-PM 2022.
Docken is a former salt warehouse repurposed for exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and other events.

It is part of the transformation of Nordhavn from maritime industrial area to an urban archipelago of residences, workplaces, and public parks, which is the largest metropolitan development project in northern Europe.

In the Nordhavn area you will find yourself in a mixture of constructions sites and new buildings, so even if it seems that you have reach the end of the established part of town, just continue a little further down the road Færgehavnsvej, and you will find Docken on your left hand site.  

Kulturkajen Docken
Færgehavnsvej 35, 2150 Copenhagen (Nordhavn)

Docken is easily accessible by car, metro, bus and walking.
Take the metro M4 line to Orientkaj station and walk to Docken in minutes. See directions below.
Take bus 164 towards Oceankaj, which stops right next to Docken.
Take the car and use one of the 200 free parking spaces. Docken will have people guiding you to available parking spaces. ,

Kulturkajen Docken


Transportation from Copenhagen Airport to Docken by metro:

  1. Go to the metro station at the airport (Terminal 3. It is a direct extension of the terminal if you continue straight ahead from the arrival hall).
  2. Take the metro M2 (yellow line) towards Vanløse. The metro departs every 3 minutes.
  3. Get off at the stop “Kongens Nytorv” and change to metro M4 (blue line) towards Orientkaj. The metro departs every 3 minutes.
  4. Get off the metro at the stop “Orientkaj” (this is the end of the line).

Fares: You need to purchase a ticket to get to Orientkaj. The fare for this ride is DKK 36.00 (~ EUR 5) and the ticket can be purchased at the ticket-machine on the platform or in the DSB-app.

Walking route from the metro station Orientkaj to Docken – Færgehavnsvej 35 (850m):

  1. Walk straight ahead, continuing in the same direction as the Metro would have proceeded in. You should walk Northeast on Glückstadtsvej
  2. Turn left on Stubbeløbgade where the traffic is mixed between pedestrians and cyclists. 
  3. Turn right on Færgehavnsvej. Please beware of heavy traffic from industrial trucks.
  4. Continue straight ahead for about 8 minutes.
  5. The destination (Docken) will be on the left side of the road.
If you are staying at the Comwell Copenhagen Portside, turn right around the corner from the main entrance and follow Færgehavnsvej to Docken.